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Covid-19 Response

After 75 years in the food safety industry, we at Safeko thought we had seen everything. Then the world was hit by the deadly new coronavirus. 


Due to the essential nature of our products and services, we have not merely remained open but are working overtime to support our distributing partners who are supplying those on the frontlines battling this horrid virus.


Every precaution is being taken at our facilities to protect our most important asset: Our people! Those who can work from home are doing so. For those that it is necessary to come into the building, our fine masks and gloves are being provided with a strict social-distancing policy being enforced, as per CDC and other governing bodies' recommendations. 


During this chaotic time in the PPE industry, we are working tirelessly to maintain and grow our supply lines to match the escalating need for gloves, masks and other essential protective equipment. Whether it is providing for doctors, nurses and other hospital workers saving lives to school lunch programs feeding countless families during this frightful time, we are fortifying our link in the supply chain to make certain these heroic efforts are done safely. 


While there may be opportunists looking to capitalize during these trying times, 75 years of experience has taught us that integrity is always essential. 


Stay safe, we have you covered! 


- The Safeko Team 

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