Comparison chart for Blak Nyle vs. nitrile, vinyl, and Latex.
Black nyle is stronger than vinyl. More cost-effective than Nitrile. Comfort and dexterity of latex


Donning and doffing gloves on wet or moist hands or in humid environments is tricky. Glove materials stick to the damp skin turning a simple task into a laborious chore. The struggle wastes time and, often, wastes a glove to tearing.


Enter Blak Nyle gloves with P.O.W.E.R. technology! Our unique blend of premium synthetic material and powder-Free coating, allows gloves to easily glide into place even on damp hands.

Blak Nyle gloves have P.O.W.E.R. Technology - 'Put On Wet, Easily Remove.' These gloves are powder free, Latex free, and made with a blend of premium polymeric synthetic materials. Blak Nyle gloves are stronger than Vinyl, less expensive than Nitrile and offer the comfort and dexterity of Latex. This glove is great for a wide variety of general uses.

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Power technology stands for Put on wet easly remove.